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Restaurant Scheduler Template
Restaurant Scheduler Template

Restaurant Scheduler Template

The Restaurant Scheduler Template is a Microsoft Excel® workbook consisting of a simple to use set of spreadsheets designed to reduce the time it takes to prepare staffing schedules.  User defined descriptions, designed to eliminate typing of repetitive data, can be entered as needed for up to 20 different departments, 50 shifts, and 100 employees.

This schedule can be used for virtually any type of food and beverage establishment, including full service, counter service, fine dining, bars, quick service, and banquet rooms. Managers can easily schedule personnel for one or several departments by simply clicking the easy to use drop down lists for employees and shifts.

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  • Drop Down Lists - Easy to use drop down lists for employees, departments and shifts make scheduling quick and simple.
  • 20 Job Departments - Define up to 20 different job departments (i.e. Server, Line Cook, Cashier, etc.)

  • 50 Definable Shifts - Preset shifts for breakfast, lunch, dinner and mid shows job description and hours scheduled in the SHIFT drop down list.

  • 100 Employees - You can add up to 100 employees to the EMPLOYEE drop down list.

  • 6 Week Schedule - You can schedule up to six weeks at time for one department or all departments.

  • Double Shifts - You can schedule up to two shifts per employee each day.

  • Master Schedule - Create an optimum staffing schedule for each day of the week that your assistants can use for reference.

  • Budget Hours - The Master Schedule calculates estimated labor cost and number of hours scheduled.

  • Hours Calculator - Hours scheduled are automatically calculated and displayed for each day.

The Drop Down List feature completely eliminates the need for typing data when preparing your schedule. To fill in a schedule you simply click on an employee and then click on the selected shift you want to schedule them for each day.

Schedule hours are automatically calculated and can be compared to the MASTER SCHEDULE. The MASTER SCHEDULE enables you to create an ideal schedule, complete with labor cost and hours budget.

The MASTER SCHEDULE can be given to assistants as a guideline for creating departmental schedules.

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